Running Assessments

Running and movement analysis has the ability to improve performance, prevent injury and ensure optimal rehabilitation and recovery.

We use high speed video motion capture, force plate analysis and strength testing to accurately explore the demands that running and multi directional movement places upon the athlete. It allows us to accurately assess the load you are exposing your body to whilst you run as well as the precise joint angles when you move through the running cycle. This allows us to understand the cause of your issues and develop an individualised program to ensure you are running pain free and at your best.

We will help you understand your run style and correct your technique to give you better results. Whether you’re a casual jogger, a dedicated athlete or a marathon diehard, a running analysis is the key to efficient performance. We know exactly what to look for, how to improve your technique and how good it feels to be in control of your stride.

What is in a running assessment?

Meet with one of our specialist running physios to discuss your running program, injuries and goals. Run on the treadmill using video and running assessment software in real time and slow motion. We explain what your ideal running form looks like and help understand how your technique is affecting your performance. We will give you real time feedback and coaching to modify your technique and get the most out of your running. A biomechanical assessment of your strength and mobility will follow if indicated.

You will receive a personalised summary and be guided by our physios as to the next steps to improve your running. Our aim is to help you achieve a stronger form, become more efficient, and prevent injury.

Is a running assessment for me?

The running assessment is available to anyone who runs or is beginning their running journey and wants a safe transition into the sport. If you’re running with niggles or pain or want to avoid this before it may happen. Runners looking for an extra edge and want to increase their performance and running efficiency, a service that is usually reserved for the elite setting or if you love data and want to know exactly what you need to do to improve your running or why you might be experiencing pain with running. It may be those that play sport that involves running or those that run as a part of their training routine. Young kids and teenagers who are developing and completing running or sports involving running.

Not injured? No worries. We’ll utilise the running assessment to look for potential areas of improvement that will lead to increased performance and running efficiency.

What injuries can benefit from a running assessment?

Take a look at the whole picture in your recovery. Our running assessments will analyse your gait mechanics to help treat (and is not limited to):

  • Patellofemoral Joint Pain/Syndrome (Runner’s Knee)
  • Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome
  • Achilles Pain / Tendinopathy
  • Shin Splints / Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
  • Hip Pain / Gluteal Tendinopathy / Hip Impingement / Labral tears
  • Patella Tendinopathy / Pain (Jumper’s Knee)
  • Plantar fasciitis / Plantar heel pain
  • Hamstring Pain / Tendinopathy
  • Foot Pain
  • Stress response / fractures
  • Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy
  • Groin Pain / Tendinopathy
  • Chronic sprains / strains