High Performance Gym

PhysiPro Athletic provides its high performing members with a training facility that ranks as one of the best in the state. Preparing for competition, rehabilitating from injury or gaining a perspective of where you are at as an athlete, PhysiPro’s physical set-up has all bases covered.

On top of the high calibre people that will be delivering our services and guiding you through your journey, our gym floor houses Vald testing and assessment tools, including force platforms and timing gates. Racks-a-plenty to throw iron and rubber around at will, along with high powered running decks, curved decks and most importantly for our injured athletes returning to sport, an Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill.

The indoor training space flows seamlessly into our extended outdoor training areas, including an immaculate grass surface within an MCG configured AFL football field, all accessible to any of our members at PhysiPro Athletic.