About Us

PhysiPro Athletic is an innovative high-performance health, fitness and recovery provider for athletes and individuals of all levels, now operating from two locations in Melbourne’s southern bayside area.

Through our initial operations at Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy and continued engagement with national and international sport, our team has 50+ years of experience working in private practice and with elite athletes, so they know what it takes to get you back performing as quickly as possible. Along with our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility, you are genuinely provided the opportunity to rehabilitate your injury or prepare for competition, the exact same way that a professional athlete would.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the physical and athletic goals of our community, by providing the best allied health care, physical training and athletic development programs in Australia. Our vision is to be the leading provider of high-performance healthcare and athlete development programs for our community.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an individual who is simply looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, our team and world’s-best services will support you to achieve the best version of yourself – so you can always be at the top of your game, whatever that game may be.



You strive for excellence on the field, court or track. We’re just as driven. We strive for excellence by committing to give the best version of ourselves every day and continuously seeking to improve and innovate. ​Our team has over 30 years of experience working with elite athletes from the grassroots to the highest level. We’ve been trusted by some of the biggest names in sport to guide them in their training or rehabilitation from injury.


Your physical and athletic dreams are in our hands. We take that responsibility seriously. We will be genuine, sincere, honest, reliable and selfless by making decisions in the best interest of our clients​.


We believe that every athlete – from elite professionals to the weekend warrior – deserves access to the best high-performance programs. We’re closing the gap; putting the very best services in reach of everyone in our community.​


Our team shares a collective focus and passion that drives us to our goals. We are strengthened through the belief our team is more than us. We are community focused and community engaged within our desire to improve the lives of those around us.

Our Story

“If only we had access to this when we were growing up.”

PhysiPro Athletic is the result of the shared passion and vision of its founding partners – to provide athletes and aspiring athletes the best possible environment to train, recover and rehabilitate. Drawing from our extensive experience in private practice, professional sports and commercial fitness, it was simply a matter of where and when.

A well-fitted warehouse gym box would not suffice. We aimed for a comprehensive facility operated by the most talented professionals available. Seamlessly transitioning between the gym, field and physiotherapy sessions was essential. Athletes require the ability to learn and apply movements in real-world settings, not just an indoor runway. Similarly, rehabilitation needs to extend beyond the treatment bed to include the gym and pool. It was essential to have all of these things in one place, just like a professional sporting environment would and just like any committed athlete deserves.

Our chance to establish residency at the Healthy Futures Hub – the repurposed training base of the St Kilda Football Club – arose from PhysiPro Chelsea’s (formerly Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy) longstanding reputation and service in the AFL community. Led by CEO Benn Logan, PhysiPro Chelsea has long been a preferred supplier for local AFL clubs and particularly the Dandenong Stingrays. Having also served Melbourne FC and St Kilda FC, Benn and his talented Chelsea team were the natural choice for St Kilda FC when they sought a partner at the Healthy Futures Hub.

Sharing Benn’s vision are PhysiPro co-directors, David Beakley, former physio to Australia’s cricket stars, and Anton Pill, a proud Frankston resident and 15-year veteran in commercial fitness. With their combined areas of expertise, the dream has become a reality.


Our athlete development team

Aspiring elite athletes have a unique opportunity at PhysiPro Athletic. Not only will you have access to a purpose-built training and rehabilitation facility, but also one of Melbourne’s most experienced athlete development teams operating in the private sector.

David Beakley – Head of Allied Health and Athlete Development

PhysiPro co-director David Beakley recently concluded a 12-year tenure at Cricket Australia where he managed one of the most challenging player portfolios in sports – the fabled Men’s Test Cricket bowling attack of Australia. This bowling combination earned a reputation for consistent availability, the ability to endure gruelling conditions and maintaining peak performance – achievements made possible by a focused clinical management team.

Aaron Kellett – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

For the past seven years, Aaron has held the position of Physical Performance Coach of the Australian Men’s Cricket Team. Shoulder to shoulder with David, Aaron has been unwavering in the pursuit of achieving the best possible outcomes with the best possible care, to ensure peak performances can be sustained through the rigors of gruelling endless summers and international touring. Prior to cricket, Aaron accumulated years of experience at Tennis Australia and the Western Bulldogs AFL side, rounding off an unparalleled resume.

With these two Australian sports medicine/science leaders now firmly rooted on the Mornington Peninsula with their families, the benefits of their expertise is available to you.

“Imagine having those two as your rehab and S&C coaches, all the time!”

All of PhysiPro’s assessments, treatments and programs are written and guided by these two industry experts. In addition, participants in our Athletic Development Programs can expect personalised, in-depth discussions with David and Aaron, where they will clearly outline the path to complete rehabilitation and/or peak performance in your chosen field.