Athletic Development

At PhysiPro Athletic, as an aspiring elite athlete, in conjunction with our purpose-built training and rehab facility, you have a truly unique opportunity – the ability to access one of Melbourne’s most experienced athlete development teams working in the private sector.

PhysiPro Athletic’s Head of Allied Health and Athlete Development, David Beakley, has recently concluded a 12-year tenure at Cricket Australia where he managed one of the most difficult player portfolios in sport – Australia’s fabled Test Cricket bowling attack. Rated one of the greatest bowling combinations in test cricket, this reputation was forged on their consistent availability, ability to back up big spells of bowling in horrendous conditions, and be in their best possible condition every time – all testament to a focused clinical management team.

Underwriting the preparation of Australia’s best cricketers has been PhysiPro’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Aaron Kellett. Shoulder to shoulder with David over the past 7 years, Aaron has been unwavering in the pursuit of achieving the best possible outcomes with the best possible care, to ensure peak performances can be sustained through the rigors of grueling endless summers and touring. Prior to cricket, Aaron draws on more years of experience at Tennis Australia and The Western Bulldogs AFL side before that, rounding off a resume that is hard to compare.

With these two leaders in Australian sports medicine and sports science now firmly grounded on the Mornington Peninsula with their families, the benefits are all yours for the taking.

Assessments, programming, delivery, and the teams around them throughout the PhysiPro portfolio of services are written and guided by these two industry experts. Furthermore, for those engaging in any of our Specific Athletic Preparation (SAP) programs, expect to be sitting in a personally focused round table discussion with David and Aaron, who will clearly describe the method and path to complete rehabilitation and/or peak performance in your chosen field. As your journey continues, you will be continually supported by David, Aaron and their expert team.