Strength & Conditioning

‘Strength and conditioning’ is a phrase that has become a lot more commonplace in today’s fitness market. No matter your understanding, at PhysiPro Athletic, strength and conditioning relates to our ability to help you develop the physical tools to achieve your athletic goals.

All of our trainers come with a minimum degree qualification in their field, combined with decades of experience in the elite sports and fitness industries. You will be guided from start to finish on journey, as you learn more and more about yourself and what you can achieve. Expect your experience to be both physical and educational.

For the land-based athlete, we have the capacity to keep your conditioning specific to your needs, whether you are in a rehabilitative phase or ready to go full throttle.

We offer:

  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmills and other high-capacity running decks.
  • Multiple runways for resisted running and sprinting.
  • Indoor running capacity on the on-site basketball courts.
  • An MCG-sized football field right outside our front door!