To optimise your recovery from training and competition, we offer a range of services for athletes and general members alike.

These include ice baths, contrast bathing (hot and cold), Normatec compression boots, Game Ready and Aquilo icing machines, Hyperice massage guns and a purpose built, 3-lane, 15m, rehabilitation poo,l heated to 31 degrees celsius.

Research evidence shows that incorporating a range of these strategies can help you recover quicker between sessions and keep you performing at your best on competition day, or in your everyday life.

Hyperice Massage Guns

Our percussive massage guns help to relieve tension and stiffness in your muscles and allow you to move more freely. These are a great option to include as part of a comprehensive recovery session

GameReady & Aquilo Ice Machines

Our icing machines are designed to reduce the inflammation at your injury site and help decrease your pain levels. These machines are a great tool in the acute phases of injury and postoperatively. They are super easy to use and beat having to use ice packs at home that go warm quickly.

Ice Baths

Cold water immersion helps to reduce inflammation, improve your immune system regulation and helps you recover faster from sport. Our Ice baths are housed on our pool deck and can be booked for individual or team use.

Normatec Compression

The Normatec compression boots use air compression to increase your circulation and helps you maintain full range of joint motion by reducing inflammation, leaving you fresh and limber
Normatecs help with lymphatic drainage and decrease pain and soreness so you never have to let DOMS get in the way of a training session.