In order to get the best possible outcome with your rehabilitation, a comprehensive approach is required. Our aim with this membership is to offer you a service that is comparable to what an elite athlete receives when playing in professional sports. We have invested in world’s best equipment to provide you with the elite level testing, training and recovery practices that will enable you to reach your full potential. Our Sport Science & Sport Medicine (SSSM) Team have extensive experience working with elite athlete and those who are aspiring to make the top level. Their expertise, along with our purpose-built complex, will help to ensure that you are getting the best possible rehabilitation from injury and are back doing what you love as soon as possible.

What’s included?

  • 1 x weekly physio session
  • PhysiPro 1-to-1 Coaching in gym from Physiotherapists and/or Strength and Conditioning staff (during staff operating hours)
  • 24/7 gym access
  • Rehab program delivered via Teambuildr
  • High-Performance Testing using the VALD system
  • On field speed/agility coaching
  • Running technique video analysis
  • 24/7 support from your Physiotherapist
  • Return to run and contact program
  • Recovery zone (pool access, iCoolSports ice baths, Normatec compression therapy, GameReady & Aquilo icing equipment, Hyperice massage guns and vibration therapy)
  • Items as required for each injury (tubigrip, icepack, bands)
  • Investment = $142 per week

1 x weekly physio session:

Each week you will meet with your physio for 40 minutes. The content of each session will be different depending on the stage of rehabilitation that you are at, however it could include manual therapy (hands on techniques) to help restore range of motion, ongoing testing as required and 1:1 physiotherapy exercise rehabilitation. This is the time to check in with your physio in regard to your progress and to plan out your rehabilitation schedule together.

PhysiPro Coaching in gym from S&C coaches and physio only when gym is staffed:

You will receive access to coaching from both S&C Coaches and Physiotherapists in a semi-private setting at designated class times. (yet to be decided – will likely be before and after school). At these sessions, you will perform your rehabilitation program that your physiotherapist has designed for you and get help with your technique during these sessions. This helps to ensure that you are performing your exercises safely and getting the very most out of each repetition to achieve the desired outcomes.

24/7 gym access:

With your fob pass, you will be able to access the gym 24/7 to perform your rehabilitation. Just note that the times outside of the designated coaching times may not have coaches and physiotherapists to correct your technique so you will be working independently during this time. We ask that you keep the gym neat and tidy at all times when there is no one staffing the gym.

Rehab program delivered via Teambuildr:
Your rehabilitation program will be on Teambuildr which is the exercise software that some of the best clubs in professional sport use, such as Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, New Zeland All Blacks and Oklohoma Thunder. Here you will find your monthly exercise plan that has the desired sets and repetitions for each exercise as well as videos to help you perform the exercises effectively.

Testing using the VALD system:

Assessing your stage of recovery is critical to help inform your treating physiotherapist if you are safe to progress to the next phase of rehabilitation. This starts with basic range of motion and strength testing using the DynoMo system when you are in the early phases of rehabilitation. Once you are in the middle-late stages of rehabilitation, we assess higher level strength, power and speed through VALD’s NordBoard, ForceDecks and timing gaits. These tests are used in a comprehensive criterion that is based off the best clinical evidence available. VALD’s software allows our team to analyse for asymmetries between your injured and non-injured side, as well as having the capacity to compare to normalised scores for your age group.

On field Speed/Agility Coaching:

Each week there will be five sessions available for return to running, speed and agility drills. They will be after school times and also on a Saturday morning. This will be coached by a speed coach and often physiotherapists will be out on the track to assist. These sessions cater for all stages of rehabilitation including your first run post-surgery or your last run before returning to competition. These sessions also include skill development which is often forgotten about in rehabilitation and return to contact drills if you play a contact sport.

Running technique video analysis:

When appropriate, your running technique will be analyzed on a treadmill to identify areas of your gait cycle that may increase your risk of injury or reduce your running efficiency and speed. From this assessment, you will be given advice, exercises and drills to help you with your technique.

24/7 support from physios:

You can text or call your physio throughout the day and outside of business hours if you have a question or concern that can’t wait until your next appointment. Our physiotherapist’s sole role is to get you better so they are more than happy to help you at any time during the day.

Return to run and contact program:

You will go through our four stage return to running and three stage return to contact framework during your rehabilitation at PhysiPro. These systems have taken years to develop and we have used them when rehabilitating professional athletes. They factor in every single component of running (speed, agility and aerobic fitness) and return to contact (tackle, bump, jostle, etc) to make sure that you have been exposed to every situation possible that you could face when you return to sport.

Recovery zone and pool:

PhysiPro has a custom-built recovery pool for you to perform all of your hydrotherapy exercises, as well as a designated space for recovery modalities such as Normatec (compression boots), GameReady and Aquilo machines (icing systems), Hyperice massage guns and foam rollers. This is a great space to come after an acute injury or postoperatively (when you have lots of swelling), or when you are simply trying to recover as quickly as possible for your next rehabilitation session.

Items as required for each injury (tubigrip, icepack, bands):

Devices that help you to recover faster will also be given to you at the discretion of your physiotherapist. This includes therabands, tubigrips (compression sleeves), ice packs etc.


The investment into your rehabilitation membership is $142 per week. This will be done through direct debit either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your preference. If you are covered under private health and/or sporting league / club insurances, you will be able to make a claim with our invoices. Please speak to our reception staff who will be able to help you with this process.