Anton Pilli

General Manager – Fitness and Performance

Anton, a proud resident of Frankston, brings a wealth of experience in commercial fitness and sports to PhysiPro, as well as a recent tenure working in complex rehabilitation assistive technologies.

After graduating from Victoria University’s Human Movement faculty with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Anton began his career in personal training, then moved into commercial fitness management. He spent 12 years as Managing Director at Genesis Southbank, where he met his PhysiPro partner David Beakley.

Anton’s passion for sports led him to spend most of his playing days on the rugby pitch, where he enjoyed a number of elite environments, highlighted by donning the green and gold through his high school years. He played a plethora of sports over the years but values his time on the track as his most valuable experience in understanding what it takes to win. He believes that “speed is a superpower and it can be coached, even to the most awkward of chubby camels that may want to play rugby.” During a rugby off-season, Anton became fascinated with understanding one’s absolute aerobic power through the rigours of rowing. As an added bonus, his involvement at the infamous Dimboola Regatta led to a marriage that is now 23 years strong.

Anton has a strong desire to support aspiring young athletes and provide platforms that were once only available to those with the resources to access elite facilities. He aims to make these opportunities available to all members of the community, especially the disadvantaged.

Anton is looking forward to establishing PhysiPro’s Athlete Scholarship Program in late 2023. This program will focus on supporting aspiring young athletes who face financial barriers and providing them with a fair opportunity to succeed in their chosen pursuits.